Partner Webinar: Using AI to increase gross margin. 30th of March.

16th EPP Global Pricing Forum, Amsterdam

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The in-person event in Amsterdam, November 17th – 18th, 2022, was focused on agile pricing in a volatile world and dedicated exclusively to Pricing and Revenue Directors/Managers on an international scale. It was an excellent opportunity for us to present a whole new dimension of pricing adoption enablement with our virtual Center of Excellence. 

If you missed it, check out the recap of our presentations with the links below.


How AI drives pricing capabilities enablement and transforms pricing strategy?

Keynote presentation by Benjamin Lesne

Listen to the story presented at the conference and discover how we are addressing the following questions:

👉   How to grow pricing capabilities?

👉   How data acquisition driven by AI can help you achieve real-time pricing?

👉   How cognitive analysis with AI can make your pricing management more agile?

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Struggling with pricing adoption? 

Learn more about our AI-driven product and services.


Get real-time data on your products, and prices. Build strategical pricing against competition and ​conduct simulations to test probable impacts.​ On-line and off-line pricing corridor monitoring.


Improve ROI by promo mechanics, both on-line and off-line and optimize your promo strategy (market share improvement and profit optimization)


Unleash your business potential by accelerating the dynamic mix management from local to global with right mix decisions from a Sales and Profitability perspective.

Grow the capabilities of the RGM with a virtual data steward- RAI Dex

RAI Dex joins your team with data stewardship bringing the fundamental concept of data governance to life.

He basically cleans, consolidates, and monitors the data, and transfers it into an analysis-friendly format. With his ability to create a client-specific knowledge base, he is by your side to search through large datasets and find usable information.

He takes full responsibility for managing and solving all types of data-matching problems.

With his unique set of skills, RAI Dex enables you to oversee the lifecycle of master or transactional data, augmenting data governance.  

Data and Organization Transformation Capabilities Enablement

If you treat your data as an asset, then you’re most likely already on your way to using it to build business value.

But if you want to proceed in a scaled and sustainable way, you need to make sure that your organization is not only ready to build data products, but also to make them understandable and able to drive truly effective business decisions.

Revenue.AI helps to transform your organization so that your data and analytics capabilities create continuous value, increasing data literacy to create unparalleled business impact.

Special Webinar
for MENA region

AI for Revenue Management in CPG and Retail.
How Artificial Intelligence is changing the game?

October 5th, 16:00-17:30 GMT +4