About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to augment business teams’ productivity with AI-enhanced Intelligent Assistant and reinvent the way how Revenue Management is being done enabling your organization in deploying the most thriving business strategy.

Why we do What we do

We believe that combined intelligence is the driving reality of the 2020’s.
We are building strong connection between business strategies and everyday execution on the field with our Virtual COE extending access to Revenue Growth Management and making it accessible and understandable
for every player in the company from Desk functions to Field.

Our Vision is that business will have to work very differently in the near future

What we learned that in order to stay competitive in the business organizations must act in a strong network. However this became increasingly difficult as there are more & more retailers / manufacturers / players in the marketplace, not to mention the diversity of own and competitor products as well.​

In order to succeed we fully believe that the whole concept of revenue management must be reinvented and augmented by AI. Real-time decisions / Simulations / The internal + external network building. Excel and PowerBI will never solve it on its own. ​

Were we work

Virtual Revenue AI Office


Budapest, Jokai str 16


Warsaw, Grochowska 306/308