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Welcome to Revenue AI Careers!   

Are you ready to push the boundaries in how AI and Big Data can empower the business teams of tomorrow? If so, you will be working with (and in some cases on) RAI, our revolutionary, new Digital Assistant for Revenue Management. RAI is destined to become an exponential technology by giving rise to Augmented Teams – able to effectively use data at scale, in real-time. Historical RM processes can take 5-6 months. With RAI, they can be done almost instantly.

By joining the Revenue AI team, you’ll embark upon an adventure in a startup with a  Next-Generation vision and mission. Our leadership team includes RM professionals from leading companies from North America, Europe, and Asia. You’ll hook up with our operations and development team located primarily in Central Europe – Bulgaria, Hungary, and Poland. However, it is not necessary for you to live in this region. Your “virtual presence” is only required for online meetings and reviews.

You’ll enjoy the comfort, convenience, and flexibility of being able to work from home. Most people find telecommuting enables them to be more productive – improving their quality of work while reducing stress and distractions. You’ll also appreciate avoiding traffic, wear and tear on your vehicle, and help reduce carbon emissions.

To apply for any of the positions below, please Email your resume or CV to:

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Revenue Manager

Location: Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary

We are looking for a Revenue Manager with strong background in data and analytics to lead advisory, implementation strategy using disruptive technologies like Simulation Engines, Modeling, Intelligent Assistants and other interactive systems.

Microsoft Azure Solution Architect

Location: Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary

We are looking for a Microsoft Azure solution architect, with a strong application development background to architect application migrations and development on azure platform.

Enterprise Account Executive

Location: Hungary, Poland, Europe

The Enterprise Account Executive will play a key role in driving Acquia’s business development and sales activities. If you have Account Management experience, email your resume to:

Product Owner

Location: Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Europe

Product Owner responsibilities include building product vision for our modules, setting functional specification, build and communicate features, set user interaction flows, data requirements, scheduling releases and coordinating sprints. To be successful in this role, you should be able to identify client needs and work with cross-functional teams to manage product releases.

BI Specialist

Location: Hungary, Poland, Europe

We are looking for a BI Specialist, who can start immediately. If you have Power BI experience, email your resume to:

UI / UX Designer

Location: Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary

We are looking for a UI/UX Designer to turn our company vision into easy-to-use products for our clients.

Fullstack Developer

Location: Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer to contribute in turning ideas into extremely reliable beautifully written code. You’ll be part of a cross-functional team that’s responsible for the full product development life cycle, from conception to deployment.

Data Engineer

Location: Worldwide

We are looking for Data Engineer, who possesses a passion for turning vision into ground breaking products for our clients.

Web Developer

Location: Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, India

By joining our team you will be able to join a small team of market visionaries to change the way how Revenue Management is being done in global organizations. You will have the opportunity to mix your knowledge with some disruptive technologies that we are building.

Project Manager

Location: Hungary , Poland, Bulgaria

This job is about turning (big) data into actionable knowledge, which requires coordinating a team blend of scientific, problem solving, analytical, technical, and communication skills.