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Zeta Price Framework is an innovative pricing solution that helps trading organizations optimize their business processes for the middle office, risk management, and traders. Our solutions are powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing technology - enabling you to accelerate your trading journey and eliminate decision-making friction while simultaneously processing vast amounts of data in real-time, thus boosting profitability.

Grow agility and reduce complexity with future-proof technology

The commodity trading market has become extremely unpredictable in recent years, leaving traders with no choice but to respond FAST.

For quick pricing and decision-making, the trader must have access to homogenized data that is also consistent with the internal architecture.

Are you the one getting lost in the vast amount of data generated by all of the channels, and having difficulty in decision-making?

If yes, then this solution is for you!


The user

We have been approached by one of the largest food processing and trader company, performing globally in 7 regions with a portfolio of $50bn revenue.

The challenge

Having limited visibility on the overall price management process, it was not possible for the company to trust in data quality and retrieve timely information from the traders for financial and market risk calculation purposes.  Manual lifecycle in pricing was making it mission impossible to act timely for any market opportunity to drive the revenue.

AI-driven products to accelerate your trading journey

Zeta Price Analytics

It builds analytics on the fly based on predefined functions and price combos. It uses advanced mathematical concepts to help you set prices that maximize profits. ZETA’s pricing engine takes into account all relevant factors in your business and makes sure that you are always optimizing prices at every point in time.

Zeta Catalog

The Catalog Module is the core of your data catalog. An informative and searchable inventory of all data assets. It lists and filters the underlying items based on their attributes. Once the scope is defined a short list of items will be displayed.

ZETA Price Quality

It executes price data quality checks on proprietary as well as data from key world exchanges. It allows a quick, flexible, and easy-to-use price data quality check of your portfolio. It allows you to use the latest market price data from any exchange. The results are presented using modern diagnostic tools and provide deep insight into your portfolio.

Grow your team capacity with a power of AI

Introducing Zeta - the Intelligent Assistant for Commodity Trading Industry

Trained with commodity trading business content, Zeta acts as a virtual team member and ensures access to the right data across the organization.


Enrich price data catalogue 3x faster

Faster collection and cleaning of historical market and internal cash prices to serve your back testing and analytical needs.

Reduce time to market by 10x

Faster rollout and delivery of prices while the curves are generated automatically in line with predefined KPI’s and MDM.

Reduce average cost by automation

Minimized manual lifecycle by automating decisions and the entire process from gathering the prices, to formalizing the curves.

Become predictable

Clear view on how much time or resources it will take to fulfil a request via end-to-end automation for generating the data set required.

Standard Operation Process


Run unlimited tests, scheduled by your team, and delivered by an Intelligent Assistant 24/7

Trading Activities


Run unlimited tests, scheduled by your team, and delivered by an Intelligent Assistant 24/7

Not sure where to start?

Accelerate Price Data Transformation with RAI Price Framework

Are you struggling to manage your huge price data, acquire insights from several channels, and understand pricing patterns to enable your future decisions?

Solution is simple: RAI Price Framework can help you become a data-driven organization by creating a centralized single source of truth and executing Strategic Transformation on your price data assets!

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