An Intelligent Assistant for Commodity Trading to Accelerate Your Growth: Introducing ZETA

The commodity trading market has become extremely unpredictable in recent years, leaving traders with no choice but to respond FAST.

For quick pricing and decision-making, the trader must have access to homogenized data that is also consistent with the internal architecture.

Are you the one getting lost in the vast amount of data generated by all of the channels, and having difficulty in decision-making?

If yes, then this solution is for you!

A virtual assistant can assist you in gaining traction in your company.

Revenue AI’s Zeta saves traders time and allows them to focus on more qualified tasks with its cutting-edge technology! With Zeta, an intelligent assistant, you can democratize access to price data, enable opportunities, improve process and reduce costs.

Let’s take your decision-making to the next level!

By onboarding Zeta as your intelligent assistant, you will be able to:​

Enrich price data catalogue 3X faster

Faster collection and cleaning of historical market and internal cash prices to serve your back testing and analytical needs.

Reduce time to market by 10X

Faster rollout and delivery of prices while the curves are generated automatically in line with predefined KPI’s and MDM.

Reduce average cost by automation

Minimized manual lifecycle by automating decisions and the entire process from gathering the prices, to formalizing the curves.

Become predictable

Clear view on how much time or resources it will take to fulfil a request via end-to-end automation for generating the data set required. 

AI-Powered Products for Your Trading Journey​

Zeta Curve Factory

She generates curves on-demand based on your needs. While the process is fully automated, quality checks are performed to ensure all curves are free from significant errors. You can specify parameters for each curve, such as the frequency of curve updates and the types of data needed for calculations.

Zeta Price Quality​

She executes price data quality checks on proprietary as well as data from key world exchanges. She allows a quick, flexible, and easy-to-use price data quality check of your portfolio. She allows you to use the latest market price data from any exchange. The results are presented using modern diagnostic tools and provide deep insight into your portfolio.

Zeta Price Monitor​

She is a state-of-the-art tool for online price surveillance for commodity trading. She ensures timely price updates, listens to market opportunities, and communicates alerts. She not only provides the trader with an overview of the current prices of competitors but also with a detailed report on what their pricing strategy is.

Zeta Price Analytics

She builds analytics on the fly based on predefined functions and price combos. She uses advanced mathematical concepts to help you set prices that maximize profits. ZETA’s pricing engine takes into account all relevant factors in your business and makes sure that you are always optimizing prices at every point in time.

Enhance the Data Consolidation with Zeta​

Zeta simply acts as a virtual intelligent assistant designed to further enhance your experience by simplifying the consolidation of rich data.

Revenue AI can automate and empower your trading journey with AI-based Intelligent Assistant and price software. Let us help you use the full spectrum of available opportunities to sustainably enable your growth!

Zeta Intelligent Agent for Commodity Trading

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