A Comprehensive AI-Based Platform for Data Strategy Implementation

One single platform for all your enterprise data needs

Turn data into profitable growth and margin improvements for your CPG or commodity trading business with data platform.

Data management has become increasingly complex. The entire process, from gathering data to converting it into strategy, can be intimidating. With this level of complexity and the requirement for digital transformation, a strategic focus on data maturity enablement is clearly mandatory. RAI’s intelligent assistants come into play here to help with data strategy implementation. 

Meet Revenue.AI’s Data Team!

RAI Base

RAI Base the Data Analyst

A smart AI reporting analyst, diving deep into analytics and navigating across reports on a real-time basis.

RAI Dex the Data Steward

A smart AI data steward, helping in data unification, building data catalogue and sharing knowledge.

By onboarding RAI platform and intelligent data assistants, you will be able to:

Increase team alignment between teams

Reduce time on reporting by 80%

Speed up access to information by 10X

Increase data cleaning speed by 10%

Meet RAI Base the Core Data Analyst

Baser with platforms

RAI Base, the intelligent AI reporting analyst, dives deep into analytics, solves mapping issues, and navigates across reports in real-time. He provides a central place for all relevant information for any reporting with his comprehensive intelligence.

It’s as simple as entering a query to your coworker and pressing enter to communicate with him. He answers with an answer and a visual representation as soon as a query is filed.

How RAI Base Works?

RAI Base is an intelligent assistant that connects with your team’s existing messaging platforms, allowing you to communicate with the chatbot in natural language and receive responses from any data source in your data lake. He has a complete set of database concepts, which allows him to understand what you’re asking for when you message him and return the exact results you need. Besides, RAI Base can offer users regular updates regarding new report features or potentially disruptive business news.

Unique Capabilities of RAI Base to Build a Data-Driven Organization

Develops data analytics and data collection systems that optimize efficiency with its backend

Enables daily updates for all team members and builds departmental cohesion

Creates immediate reports and analysis on your product portfolio as well as the competitors

Learns and saves mostly used report filters automatically for continuous use

Alerting on price changes based on past queries / team composition

Learns user behavior and provides personalized recommendations

Meet RAI Dex the Data Steward​

RAI Dex joins your team with data stewardship bringing the fundamental concept of data governance into life. He basically cleans, consolidates and monitors the data, and transfers it into an analysis-friendly format. With his ability to create a client-specific knowledge base, he is by your side to search through large datasets and find useful information. He takes full responsibility to manage and solve all types of data matching problems. With his unique set of skills, RAI Dex enables you to oversee the lifecycle of master or transactional data, augmenting the data governance. 

How RAI Dex Works?

Once recruited and onboarded, RAI Dex becomes available as a virtual intelligent assistant in your team. He can be integrated into the internal communication channels, enabling anyone in your team to get the information they need on the fly. RAI Dex is highly capable of providing actionable insights to the organization through announcement of new report features or disrupting news in the business in real-time.

Unique Capabilities of RAI Dex to Build a Data-Driven Organization

Builds a data catalogue/knowledge sharing ecosystem

Transfers data into analysis friendly format

Manages and solves all types of data matching problems

Searches through large datasets to find usable information

Oversees the lifecycle of a particular master or transactional data

Real-time alerts for users on new report features or disrupting business news

How RAI's Data Team Helps Customers Win at the Last Mile

With customized data management solutions and the guidance of our experts, improving your revenue is now easier and smarter

Revenue.AI builds a strong connection between business strategies and everyday execution with AI-based virtual Agility Center of Excellence which delivers premium access to data, insights, and analytics to drive organizational success and profitable business performance. Let us increase your revenue management capability and boost your revenue!

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RAI Base – Data Analyst

RAI Base, a smart AI reporting analyst, dives deep into analytics, solves mapping problems, and navigates across reports on a real-time basis.

RAI Base acts as an intelligent assistant between all platforms. As a result, key users are able to have their reports ready in real-time, instead of waiting for their analysts to finish them.


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