Intentional agile transformation with RAI

All organizations need to embrace change if they want to stay competitive. Transformation strategies should be comprehensive, orchestrating people, processes and tools.

All programs have something in common: their success relies mostly on having the right people driving them.

Revenue.AI will help you build and augment PMO/LACE teams that enable sustainable change initiatives. These will make your organization stay focused on business value whilst relentlessly improving.

What are the benefits?

Craft a consistent and scalable transformation strategy

Increase employee satisfaction by equipping your teams with the right tools

Improve your business processes through introducing AI-based governance and reporting automation solutions

Increase customer satisfaction through improving your organizational ability to deliver the right thing in the right time!

How can Revenue.AI help you?

A lot of transformation programs kick off with huge expectations, yet few deliver of them deliver sustainable change and improvements to the organization.

Our clients trust us because we don’t believe that one size fits all. We offer tailored, comprehensive and fit-for-purpose transformation support to build and sustain organizations, combining people and processes with cutting edge technology.

Challenge your status quo

  • Define transformation vision
  • Communicate it and get buy-in
  • Establish success criteria
  • Prepare a transformation roadmap and backlog

Accelerate your ongoing transformation

  • Train all your team members
  • Identify quick wins and anchor change
  • Create a winning strategy to support teams in transition

Measure and Improve

  • Process automation
  • Leverage data to shorten time to market
  • Inspect and adjust practices
  • Equip teams to keep momentum

Organizational transformation PMO/LACE Packages


The first step in the transformation journey

  • Transformation Vision
  • Workshop with Leadership Teams
  • Support for business case preparation
  • Stakeholder analysis and communication planning
  • Transformation roadmap and backlog
  • Transformation team set up


Adjust and set strong foundations for scaling changes

  • Scale transformation to program and portfolios
  • Improve product management techniques
  • Upskill your teams through training and awareness

Sustain and Improve

Enable harvesting value at scale

  • Automate existing governance and reporting practices by leveraging AI
  • Leverage data insights to improve teams` performance
  • Train the Trainer and other tools

Custom Strategy

  • Contact our team and let us know your needs!



Our team will conduct workshops, go through documentation and analyze the organization’s AS-IS

PMO-Lace Strategy

Based on agreed findings,
we will prepare and propose
a comprehensive strategy covering people, processes, and tools to act upon!

Hands-on Enablement

We will cooperate side
by side with your teams
to make sure that we deploy the strategy in an efficient manner.

Continuous Improvement

Our team will prepare the organization to embed changes in the environment while making those changes sustainable.

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