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Drive your revenue growth with AI-enhanced pricing that enhances your P&L statement and runs multiple scenarios to determine the right price for thousands of SKUs, in real time.

How to build an efficient pricing strategy while data sources are increasing?

CPG companies can have tens of thousands of SKUs and thousands of different types of clients. In cases such as these, it’s possible to have more than 50 000 actual rules arise for pricing.

With such a plethora of data, millions of price scenarios can be generated, which makes analyzing these scenarios almost impossible for humans.

The power of Revenue AI’s precision pricing module helps drive your strategic goals to achieve optimal revenue. In the business transformation journey, the exponential growth of data, combined with Augmented Self-Service Analytics (SSA), empowers organizations to capitalize on opportunities with incredible granularity.


Pricing Activity High-Level & Detailed Overview

Gain general market analysis and insights, or deep dive through the whole product range down to SKU-level details, to analyse a given product by category, channel, and retailer.

AI-driven Prices Mass Simulation & Pricing Corridors

See the recommendations on pricing, with predictions on how price changes will impact your market share, volume, and margin. Have the mass simulations engine running in the background, powered by AI, that will generate thousands of scenarios every time new data arrives. Define the price limits of your products’ tier within your category vs competition.

Margin Optimizer & Price Pack Architecture

Run the margin simulator to get the most uplift out of price increase. Visualize product prices in relation to package size to get insights on each innovation/renovation.


Augmented Analytics on-demand capabilities

Putting Big Data to effective use is difficult for many organizations. RAI (our AI-driven Digital Assistant) provides reports and analysis in plain human language along with clear charts that all stakeholders can understand. Interacting with RAI is as simple as asking a question or clicking on relevant follow-up questions.


Show me the category price gap

Show me the historical price movement for this SKU 634729

What is my category price drivers?

Show me the historical price movement for this SKU 634729

RAI's intelligent alerts keep you posted on new opportunities/risks based on real-time data

I have identified a 9% decrease in price for C303СX6 SKU for the last 1 month in a Coffee category.

The price for C333KX6 SKU is $ 8.04 below the potential price point. To reach the optimal revenue, I recommend increasing the price by 12 %.

How can Precision Pricing add value to your Revenue Management?

Empower pricing management by monitoring on-line and off-line pricing corridors in real-time

Proactively monitor all product attritions, new product launches, and price levels in the market

Identify white spaces and risks based on channels for portfolio and pricing optimization

Notify team members about updates in pricing with intelligent alerting

Build strategic pricing against the competition with automated recommendations

Prevent product cannibalization by considering the instant feedback of AI

Cloud Platform with AI-empowered Revenue Management

Cloud Platform for Revenue Management Automation in CPG ultimately resolves all issues that companies face when they struggle to optimize revenue based on hugely complex data.

Using platform requires zero manual efforts in data preparation and data cleansing.

The platform automatically aggregates multiple datasets e.g. sell-in + sell-out as well as omnichannel sales data. With the help of AI, your disjointed datasets become valuable history to build predictions for your pricing strategy.

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