Grow the capabilities of Revenue Growth Management

with the virtual data steward

Even my genius has to face the truth: data handling is a major issue.

If you ask Revenue Management experts about their biggest headache,one out of 3 will answer DATA AVAILABILITY AND QUALITY.

Even with the massive availability of data-sources, the fact is that the data sources such as POS, household, shipment, and e-commerce data are scattered and not harmonized.  Deep-dive analysis is only possible by putting in a manual effort and using a significant amount of time for data cleansing and unification.


Imagine you have a data steward who is able to work 24/7 and never get tired

Meet RAI Dex - an AI-driven Data Steward

The first-ever virtual robot who can acquire, clean and unify data in real time

Hm… I’m not here to convince you, but it’s a fact that without using my genius, it will be hard to handle all data assets effectively

Data Enrichment

Streamlined omnichannel data enriched with competitor pricing insights scraped from the web

Data Quality Validation

AI-augmented conflict resolution for data cleansing & unification

Data Consolidation

Transfer data into unified / analysis-friendly format and merge external data with internal

Data Lifecycle Inspection

Ensures data and data products' updates are kept without issues

Automated data acquisition with RAI Dex

A Single Source of truth for market prices

Updated daily, weekly, or even in real-time

With Revenue.AI, merging data from digital shelves and brick & mortar stores is no longer an issue

RAI DEX enriches your dataset with e-commerce price points for seamless analysis

Get a monthly scraping from four retailers for free with our monthly and yearly subscription

Distinguish and track competitors in real time

RGM practitioners use mainly IRI / Nielsen and POS data for market analysis – including pricing analysis. But this is costly, and the long-term process of obtaining and processing information delays the reaction to market movements.

Now you can benefit from an innovative way to watch your competitors and market movements with our RAI Dex and see the trends, risks and opportunities instantly as they happen.

Give us a list of the e-retailers you want to monitor and claim your offer.

I should start collecting online data immediately to empower you with competitors’ historical movement insights.

Increase productivity with Intelligent alerts and smart notifications

Receive intelligent alerts when new product attributes or products are launched by competitors.

Keep your online prices aligned with RGM strategies through omnichannel price corridor and smart notifications.

Monitor your price pack architecture and be notified of your portfolio gaps.

Automatically notify your sales/marketing team of retailers’ margin dilution using intelligent assistants.

Impressive, right? Talk to my people! They are always happy to talk about my genius abilities.