Agile roles transformation

While data may be one of your most valuable assets, creating value from it for the organization is at least equally important. Enabling people to run your value delivery engine while avoiding burnout, loss of key talent and dissent among teams has never been more important.

Revenue.AI will nurture and grow your hidden stars into their new roles in an agile organization, augmenting the team and leading by example.

Benefits of objective-driven agile roles transformation

Increased Productivity

Untapped Talent Discovery

Strengthened Business Focus

Intentional Growth

Inner Motivational Growth

Dedication and Commitment

At each step of the agile transformation journey, different organizational roles are vital to success

Create a team of people dedicated to implementing the agile way of working (Agile Working group)

  • Agile Coaches
  • Change Agents  (executives, managers, or other leaders)

Design the key roles to design the new virtual organization

  • Scrum Master
  • Super Scrum Master (for scaled setups)
  • Product Owner
  • System Architect
  • Product Manager
  • Business Owners

Improve incrementally

  • Introduce the portfolio layer with the Portfolio Manager role
  • Subject Matter Experts – working on and owning specific topics

Let us explain how our team can enrich your team and keep you on track to success.

Agile / SAFe Coach / Consultant

Agile Coaches – help organizations, teams and individuals adopt agile practices
and methods while embedding agile values and mindsets.

SAFe Coach

Maturity and unique experience added to the mix

Level 1

Experienced and

certified SAFe coach

Level 2

+ Data or PMO

Level 3

+ Infosec / audit

SCRUM Master

Scrum Master, Super Scrum Master
(for scaled setups),

Facilitator – servant a leader who serves the (Scrum, Kanban) team and the larger organization by helping them understand the theory and practice.

SCRUM Master

Maturity and unique experience added to the mix

Level 1


certified SM

Level 2

+ SAFe experience

Level 3

+ Agile PO

+ cata experience

Level 3+

+ Team mgmt. experience

or Data Platform certification

Portfolio Manager

Bring your organization to the next level through strategic management and by introducing lean budgets and guardrails.

Portfolio Manager

Maturity and unique experience added to the mix

Level 3

Agile PO / SM
+ Data experience

+ SAFe coaching


+ Portfolio mgmt.

AUGMENT YOUR TEAM with a unique combination of skills to enable transformation and VALUE DELIVERY ACCELERATION in data driven ecosystems

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