Price Quality Reinforcement

Commodity Trading Price Quality Reinforcement Pre-define and execute prices’ quality rules within the organization and help your MARKET RISK TEAM consume prices with a constant level of quality challenge To produce the VAR and other market risk KPI’s, risk managers need to systematically consume prices with a constant level of quality that reflects the fair market value without […]

Data Reconciliation

Commodity Trading Data Reconciliation Grows capacity of BUSINESS CONTROLLERS AND MIDDLE OFFICER by eliminating manual data validation and email distribution activities challenge Business controllers must consolidate and manually validate the previous days’ prices before producing daily PnL and sharing it with the organization; due to manual tasks, this process is prone to human error and relies on […]

Data Analytics

Commodity Trading Data Analytics Saves TRADERS’ AND ANALYSTS’ time and efforts on fair value market prices communication and meet all the deadlines and format requirements of the various receivers challenge The company wants traders to communicate within the organization the fair value market prices that our desk covers; however, they need help to reach the deadlines due to […]

Data Usability Accelerator

Commodity Trading Data Usability Accelerator Helps DATA SCIENCE TEAM accelerate the data curation and overcome every day challenge to match the historical data with master data challenge Backtesting the viability of data scientists’ models is a long and laborious exercise due to the poor quality of the historical data and lack of standard structure with relevant master […]

Performance Tracking

CONSUMER GOODS & RETAIL Performance Tracking Provides LEADERS and GENERAL MANAGERS with quick access to information on-the-go, saving time and effort challenge Using multiple dashboards and sources to monitor important KPIs is time-consuming and doesn’t provide business leaders with a comprehensive view of the company’s performance in real-time. Revenue.AI driven impact With no additional efforts, […]

Promo Optimization

CONSUMER GOODS & RETAIL Promo Optimization It helps the MARKETING TEAM manage promotional investments efficiently and strike the right balance between incremental sales and profitability pressure challenge Although the promo budget has been reduced compared to the previous year, the company still expects to achieve the same level of sales and market share. Revenue.AI driven impact With […]

Long Tail Unleash

CONSUMER GOODS & RETAIL Long Tail Unleash Empowers company portfolio management and helps RGM and MARKETING TEAMS identify potential stars by providing an accurate value assessment for each SKU challenge The amount of data and the number of SKUs make revenue management with a limited team of RGMs almost impossible. As a result, the team can only process 20% […]

X-department cohesion

Consumer goods & retail X-department cohesion Helps the RGM and FINANCE TEAM accelerate decision-making and link RGM strategy to daily execution challenge Every department in the company has its own agenda. Sales is busy with promos, marketing is launching new products, while finance tackles pricing. But the lack of a holistic approach means revenue management can’t be in the […]

Global RGM

CONSUMER GOODS & RETAIL Global RGM Helps FINANCE and REVENUE MANAGEMENT team drive an global strategy execution and analytics across the countries and regions challenge Implementing a global strategy can be daunting, especially when dealing with different datasets from various regions. Data consolidation and reporting can be time-consuming and error-prone. What’s more, inaccurate insights can hinder effective decision-making and […]

Gross Margin Guard

Consumer goods & retail Gross Margin Guard Helps CFO and FINANCE team to build a strong and winning pricing strategy and maximize the margin in a volatile environment challenge The current economic climate challenges companies with rising inflation leading to declining growth margins. Securing these margins demands a comprehensive solution that combines price, promotion, product, and country mix.  Revenue.AI […]

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