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Get early warnings for the potential cost of goods sold increases, and take proactive measures to mitigate financial risks while controlling costs.

Shift from reactive to deliberate COGS management

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How it Works?

Get early warnings for potential COGS increases, mitigate risks, control costs, and leverage dynamic pricing adjustments to safeguard profit margins with AI.​


Detect future commodity price increases with COPILOT.​

RAI Copilot COGS Management Increase Alert
Review commodity future price trends for relevant commodities affecting your business KPIs on the platform.


Review commodity future price trends for relevant commodities affecting your business KPIs on the platform. Copilot Alert


Build a new pricing strategy based on Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) expectations and share it with team members for approval.

New Pricing Strategy Building via Copilot Simulations

AI's Predictive Power: Safeguarding Against COGS Increases

AI excels at processing and analyzing an extensive array of data sources while adapting to dynamic market conditions. Its predictive capabilities are invaluable for both anticipating and proficiently mitigating potential COGS increases.

Furthermore, it extends beyond prediction, as it empowers scenario analysis. By manipulating variables and parameters to simulate various situations, AI assists in comprehensive risk assessment and ensures that you are well-prepared to navigate cost fluctuations with precision and foresight.

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