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Business Case

Streamlining Price Management and Mitigating Risk

Revenue.AI’s Pricing Solution for a Global Trading Company

The user

We have been approached by one of the largest food processing and trading companies, performing globally in 7 regions with a $50bn revenue portfolio. 

The challenge

With limited visibility on the overall price management process, the company couldn’t trust in data quality and retrieve timely information from the traders for financial and market risk calculation purposes. Manual lifecycle in pricing was making it mission impossible to act timely for any market opportunity to drive the revenue. came on board, and this is what we did:

  • Revenue AI experts created the pricing framework and playbook to streamline price management.
  • Revenue AI’s Pricing Platform with Quality and Analytics modules built:
    • To enable automated data and insights for risk management and daily P&L needs
    • To alert the users on new market opportunities to mitigate risk.
    • To secure price quality through AI-augmented automated workflow.
    • Monitor end-to-end delivery of prices with pre-defined KPIs  

The benefits solution connected all the elements of price management, resulting in the following:

  • Data curation accelerated by 10X — through secured price quality by AI-augmented automated workflow.
  • Time spent on data reconciliation is reduced by 80% — by monitoring price delivery end-to-end between Middle Officers and Traders
  • 50% of operational costs reduced – through analytics enabled to the users for market and internal prices

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