Virtual ACE©

Democratize your Revenue Management with the Virtual Agility Center of Excellence

Establishes a set of Revenue Management organized practices or standards that support and align teams.

Reshape your Revenue Management decision-making process

Revenue AI’s virtual Agility Centre of Excellence (vACE) serves as the engine driving the adoption of Revenue Management best practices in an organization. We believe that excellence can be achieved by applying the same behaviors and practices across teams.

vACE dramatically reduces cost  because it allows for just-in-time and one-on-one person training, and maximizes performance of Marketing, Sales and Revenue Management teams.

Providing a readily available support system for all roles in the organization, vACE addresses any existing skills/knowledge gaps. It delivers expertise and activities to support continuous improvements. 

X-department cohesion

A bridge between Sales, Marketing, Commercial and Revenue Management to increase operational efficiency & productivity via business knowledge transfer

Link RM Strategy to daily execution

Build a strong connection between business strategies and everyday execution on the field with virtual ACE by extending access to RGM to all field players

Strategic Focus

The Intelligent Revenue AI Platform automates revenue decisions and empowers business leaders to focus on strategy.

Real-time Interaction

Connected to intelligent assistants to provide immediate alerts on any broken elements in the product and pricing portfolio

Meet our virtual Agility Center of Excellence


Price Expert
  • Provide any analytics in 1 hour of request
  • Create  daily KPI reports
  • Drive PPA, Price Elasticity and Simulators
  • Proactively monitor all market activities
  • Full coverage (country, category, channel, product)


Promo Expert
  • Drive Promo Calendar, ROI, and Simulators
  • Give you alerts for risk & opportunities
  • Assist all field sales team within a second
  • Ensure promotional competitiveness
  • Effective and efficient promotional investment
  • Full coverage (country, category, channel, product)


Core Data Analyst
Revenue AI
  • Acquire all the data primary and secondary sources
  • Solve mapping problems
  • Collaborate with all team members
  • Create reports, ready dashboards for stakeholders
  • Transfer knowledge to the key users


Data Steward
  • Find the best way to clean the data
  • Focus on Product or Customers
  • Transform data to insight 
  • Correlate similar data to find actionable results  
  • Apply many languages into system

RAI Virtual ACE driven impact: increased Productivity 80% time saving


Human language

We have trained the AI to understand English business language and Revenue Management definitions

24/7 availability

You can chat with virtual COE through any messenger service via phone or laptop (WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Viber, RAI Platform, etc.)

Natural conversation

Ability to continue immediately where a user has left off

Strategic focus

The algorithms bring into focus the main opportunities.

Knowledge building

Our AI learns user behavior and suggests analysis based on a user’s interests. It can recommend best practices through cross-team usage pattern analysis

AI-driven insights and planning

Simulations for scenario planning – analysis evaluation based on machine learning algorithms

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